Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Interview with Author Krystle Yvette

EA: Creatively Creative has its second back-to-back interviews in two days. This time, I have the opportunity to speak with an author whose latest novel, Loving a Certified Savage, released on Tuesday. Next, the author spotlight shines on authoress Krystle Yvette.

EA: Congratulations on your newest release, Loving a Certified Savage. This is your debut release under Royalty Publishing House. What was it about Royalty that moved you to sign with them?

KY: I did so much research on different publishers that are in high demand right now. I wanted a great publisher. I wanted a publisher that could help me learn, grow, and prosper with my writing. You’re only as good as who you surround yourself with. If I wanted to be a great writer I had to surround myself with great writers.
So, I read a lot of books from Royalty. Studied their website and book reviews. Their instant acknowledgement of my submission made my decision even easier. They had everything I was looking for. A publisher who understands my vision, but is there to right me when I’m wrong and help me if I fall. I was looking for a family. I found that in Royalty!

EA: What is the concept of Loving a Certified Savage?

KL: The concept of Loving a Certified Savage is simple — LOVE. Love can sometimes be pain, and that is what I wanted to portray. That although you may have been through some things and may have had your heart broken, pure love still exists. I wanted to portray that it my writing. Everybody deserves to love and be loved. No matter the trials and tribulations love will prevail.

EA: When did writing become a passion for you?

KL: Writing became a passion for me in the 6th grade. I won a national writing contest for the Jackie Robinson Foundation. My picture was in the paper and everything. I knew then that writing would take me to unforeseen places.

EA: Were there any authors who inspired you to become a writer?

KL: Yes! I am an avid reader whenever I am not writing. I will say Wahida Clark, Sister Soulja, any Triple Crown author. Ashley & JaQuavis. Noire. Zane. Lol. So many to name!

EA: Would you say that writing a novel is easy?

KL: I would say once you have your storyline and characters, the flow gets easy. It’s thinking of something worth while to write about that I don’t think is easy. There are so many authors in the urban fiction world so you don’t want your work to seem unauthentic or repetitive. Going to the depths of my mind to write something great is what isn’t quite easy. But writing as a whole comes naturally for me.

EA: What's next for Krystle Yvette?

KL: What’s next for Krystle Yvette is writing more dope books! Giving the readers a reason to keep coming back. Working towards having national best-selling author in front of my name.

EA: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

KL: Everything you go through is a lesson. Grow and learn from it. Stay consistent. Work hard. Never give up! Never doubt your talents! Stay humble and success will follow!

EA: Finally, tell the readers why Loving a Certified Savage: The Love Story of Stormie and Ashton is a must buy.

KL: It touches on many things that couples endure with life, love, and relationships. It’s filled with pure genuine emotion and love. It’s as real and uncut as it gets. It’s a beautiful love story that will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride and have you wanting more. You have to read it to believe it. Lol. It’s definitely a must read.


As an author, when you truly care about your craft, coming up with stories that are worth while to readers can be a challenge, but a thrill at the same time. The beauty of it is digging deep within the depths of your literary being and creating something that engages the readers and pulls them into the world of the characters. I would like to thank Krystle for taking the time to speak with me. Check out more of her novels by visiting the link below.

Amazon Author Page: Krystle Yvette

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