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Interview with Author & Fashion Designer Julia Goodman

I've mentioned that there's more conversations with bright, creative, literary minds to come, and EA: Creatively Creative is delivering. In what is my fourth straight interview-- my first with an international writer-- I had the opportunity to talk with fashion designer, social media influencer, blogger, and author Julia Goodman.

EA: Congratulations on the release of your first book. Would you share with us the title and concept of the book?

JG: Thank you so much!! My book it titled: How To Be Glamorous On A Budget: The Modern Girl's Guide on Looking Her Best Without Burning Holes in Her Pocket. In my book I talk about the secrets of looking like a million bucks for less and I am trying to help women radiate confidence, no matter the size of their bank accounts. We all can be as glamorous as Beyonce or the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, even if we don’t have that much money.

EA: What motivated you to write it?

JG: I have worked in the luxury real estate business in Beverly Hills for a long time. This city is all about glamour and high end fashion. The interesting part is that expensive clothing doesn’t necessarily always mean glamour and style. If you have the know-how, you can look just as good, or even much better in a $100 outfit than in a $3,000 outfit. I wanted to share those tips and tricks with my readers.

EA: Was writing this book an easy process for you?

JG: On the one side, writing the book was a pretty easy process for me, because it is a topic that I absolutely LOVE. On the other side, I struggled a little bit, because English is not my first language. But I think, everyone has to get over their insecurities and just do things that are hard for them. Life favors the bold.

EA: Tell us about your blog page, International Heels.

JG: On my blog International Heels ( I write about Fashion, Beauty, Love and Motherhood.This Blog is for glamorous mommies, who love the newest fashion and beauty trends, love to try out new things, and talk about love and motherhood.

EA: You've also launched a fashion/accessories website. What is the name of the website, and what services does the site offer?

JG: In my online store, Julia Jolie Beverly Hills ( I sell glamorous dresses and accessories. The reason why I started my online store was, that I thought it was very hard to find dresses and accessories at a good price that don’t have the “cheap” look.

All my dresses are designed or curated by me and inspired by high end fashion designers. So you can totally find a dress, purse, or sunglasses that The Kardashians or other celebrities wore at a much more affordable price.

EA: What can we expect next from Julia Goodman?

JG: I am always working on something new! At this moment, I am translating my book into three other languages: Spanish, German and Russian. Those are the other languages that I speak, so I figured why not have it available to all my international readers. On the other end, I am working to extend my products in my online store. I will have a bigger selection coming soon.

EA: What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

JG: My advice: Just do it! It can seem overwhelming to think about writing a whole book. That’s why you just have to start and go from there. No excuses!

EA:  Finally, tell the readers why How To Be Glamorous On A Budget: The Modern Girl's Guide on Looking Her Best Without Burning Holes in Her Pocket is a must buy.

JG: This book is a must buy for every fashionista in this world. Every girl should know the tips and tricks of fashion and beauty.


Julia's statement, "Life favors the bold" reminds me of a statement I've heard from time-to-time while watching basketball games on how the favorable calls tend to go to the more aggressive team. In anything that you aspire or venture to do in life, the first step is the hardest one. The best approach to taking that step is to just do it.

Granted, you must assess the situation and weigh your options. In other words, look before you leap, but at the same time, if you're overly analytical and hesitant, you will continue to defer and will never achieve your goals. I would like to thank Julia for taking the time to speak with me.

If you're interested in checking out Julia's Julia Jolie Beverly Hills fashion line and accessories, or would like to keep up with her thoughts on the latest trends, you can do so by visiting the links below.

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